Human Bloodrager


Volk, Son of Hector, The Blazing Flame and Korra, The Wanderer. Volk’s up bringing lead him to become a powerful combatant with his brothers and sisters. The family has draconic blood in their veins but know not of when or how this happened. The blood and his latent magic power coming from his father’s side. While his strength and combat prowess is his mother’s doing from training and long hard hikes across the mountains. He become one of the few in the village that could use what was called the Dragon’s Rage. Awakening a fragment of the power that dwells in his blood.

Volk views the law as a hindrance and evil to be removed from this world. He has no issue making his voice known if he disagrees with something but if the plan is sound (to him) and the mission clear, he will support it to his last breath. Being a strong arm is his main way of making coin as he goes from town to town in search of his past or to improve his skill.

Volk enjoys a good laugh and epic tales, hoping to bring such stories and tales himself to the table someday. Second to a good story he has a fine taste for a good beer and rare steak. Despite his chaotic displays on the battlefield, Volk can be rather civilised and well mannered if his honour isn’t called into question.

Volk is part of a huge family, his home village not seeing a point to be divided. So his brothers and Sister are not all blood related but he trusts and supports each one as if his own older/younger brother/sister. Granted, there are a few he butts heads with, and some he gets one very well. This is due to a mix of different personalities and views on the world.

Some of note would be few but do play an important role in Volk’s life.
His younger blood sister, Shivara. Named after the dragon spirit that protects the village from the harshest winter winds. She is head strong for one that studied with the monks of the Scaled Fist. And despite the teachings and sculpting of her form and mind, she insisted the Volk teaches her how to harness the power of the dragon’s Rage. And after many mouth of training and frustration, Volk guided her without doubt to the end. He was proud to see his little sister marriage the arts of the Scaled Fist with the Dragon’s Rage. In Fact, her teachings and trained mind, seemed to restrain the Dragon’s Rage, giving her more flexibility with without the recklessness that normally comes with the rage.


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