Putrivka is a camp situated South of the Cordon and is built amongst the remains of a small village, just off the main road. It is a very important traffic hub as well as safe haven for Pathfinders.  A relatively peaceful place where ever-vigilant and weary Zone wanderers can get some of the much deserved and needed rest.

The village was abandoned by its previous inhabitants as the First Disaster took place. They were hastily evacuated, and all their possessions were left behind but In the upcoming years the homes were broken into and plundered – the houses were left almost empty.

Some time after the Second Disaster a trader, known as Sidorovich moved into the small manor west of the hamlet. He started a trading business with the Pathfinders and the Military alike.

This trader is now one of the best known and most respected people in all of The Zone. He still resides in his manor trading wares, weaponry, armour, information and whatnot.

People in Putrivka

Sidorovich – Black market trader.

Katalin – Healer


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