The Traveller

Yaroslav Fomenko

"There's a man who claims to have ventured it into Pripyat itself, though nobody apart from the Monolithians has been known to have made it through the Red Forest.

Says he saw all kinds of wonderous places whilst out there – vast cities, ancient creatures and the aftermath of terrible battles. Whatever he found out there he said was enough for him. He bought all the fineries Rostok had to offer, paid up his tab to the Barkeep all in jewels and gold and left the next day.

Funny thing is a couple of weeks later he showed up again, bit more fresh faced and with no recollection of his journey into Pripyat or of his extravagance during his time in Rostok. I reckon he was just full of shit the first time, blew what wealth he had and has now slunk back looking for more."

The Traveller

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