Quell Osman Urth Jadhak


The Great Spindle of the Airwise Nepf is the original, and perhaps only, object of size found in a misjuncted demi-plane between the elemental plane of Air and the plane of Order.

The Spindle itself is an exploded sphere ten miles in diameter, a branching, skeletal pinecone made of many tiers of exotic materials. How it came into being and what its original purpose was is a mystery, even to the Nepf themselves. Now, however, it serves as the many layered home of the Nepf, with its great gantries supporting farms, homes, markets and the great engines which repurpose the raw energies of the demi-plane for the Nepf’s purposes.

The society of the Nepf is highly ordered – having long ago reached its Malthusian limits – and highly magical; being saturated in the energy of the plane, the vast majority of the Nepf exhibit magic aptitude to one degree or another. Society is structured to mirror the Great Spindle, with a hierarchy of mage councils cascading down the tiers. Everybody knows their place in the Spindle, and for everyone there is a place.

Twicelord Quell Osman Urth Jadhak of the Second Turnwise Spire First Dozen Sixth Tier Keeper of Books and Heptagrams, or Lord Jadhak was taking part in a delving ritual, seeking new portals to Sigil, the city of Doors, when the nexus collapsed, isolating him from the rest of his coterie, and abandoning him unceremoniously on an alien world totally composed of dirt.

After a prolonged period of culture and environmental shock, he dragged himself out of despair by selling his skills to mercenary companies working for the factions in the locals apparently endless and bloody internecine wars. Working his way north he has worked variously for the Ottomans, the Bulgarians, the Lithuanians against the Golden Horde and on one memorable occasion, as a deniable asset for the Golden Horde against the Golden Horde.

He has developed a taste for the finer things in life, dressing well in the Ottoman style, and partaking in all the pleasures this realm has to offer him.

While he is in no hurry to return home, he sometimes feels trapped on this earthy sphere, despite its enormity, and longs to return to the planes, or at least, find a passage back to them that he may take when he feels the time is right. He suspects that area around Chernobyl, tattered by the vast amounts of magical radiation released by the ritual may be a place where the veil between worlds has been worn thin, or that the rumoured artefacts may be of extra-dimensional origin. And if not, well, there is always coin to be made by those willing to risk the dangers of the zone.

Quell Osman Urth Jadhak

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