Artefacts first appeared after the Second Disaster and are believed to be the product of condensed magic from within the Zone. They generally appear in and around Anomalies

Artefacts can be 'used' by attuning them to the user. This involves holding them against a part of the body, typically either hand, the head, chest or abdomen, using a bandage for about a day. The Artefact will fuse with the body part, generally showing a physical alteration of some kind, and there is not currently a known way of removing it. It is believed that Artefacts so fused interfere with the use of other magic items in close proximity.

Below is a list of commonly encountered Artefacts within the Zone.

Devil's Tear
Appearance: A drop of cracked obsidian.
Effects: A reduction in the accumulation of magical infusion. (-1 Magical Infusion per day. -1AC).
Alteration: A burn-like scar.

Appearance: A crackling ball of energy.
Effects: Quicker reflexes.
Alteration: Electricity crackles around the body part.

Appearance: An overgrown, bloated Torchbug
Effects: Greater mental clarity.
Alteration: A blinking yellow/green light from the embedded artefact.

Appearance: A small, golden fish swimming through the air.
Effects: Increased physical resilience.
Alteration: Large, overlapping scales like a carp.

Appearance: A porous mineral. It appears to float on the breeze.
Effects: A greater reduction in the accumulation of magical infusion.
Alteration: The skin takes on the appearance of the Artefact in a mix of browns and yellows.

Appearance: A lump of charcoal. It causes periodic gouts of flame that give off surprisingly bearable amounts of heat.
Effects: Magical healing.
Alteration: Skin that is warm to the touch.

Blood Stone
Appearance: A stone that bleeds when chipped or smashed.
Effects: Improves health.
Alteration: A constantly bleeding wound.

Appearance: A quivering patch of slime.
Effects: Resilience to injury.
Alteration: An amorphous mark, like a port-wine stain.

Appearance: Two incompressible discs of copper the size of coins. Separated by a couple of inches.
Effects: Hardened skin.
Alteration: A round disk of copper.

Appearance: A crystal that flits in and out of reality, appearing in different places. It might be the cause, or the result, of creatures and landmarks from other places appearing in the Zone.
Effects: The ability to disappear and reappear again a short distance away (Walk through Space for 1 round, move action (30ft) 3/day.)
Alteration: Skin turns partially translucent and pale, revealing veins and muscle underneath.

Appearance: A glowing, blue orb.
Effects: At regular intervals, turns everything within about 20' to stone and then back again.
Alteration: ???

Appearance: A translucent, slightly fleshy mass. It's outline seems to shimmer and it is hard to focus on causing any details to be indisctinct.
Effects: ?
Alteration: ?

Appearance: A crystal crackling with energy. Formed by the impact of lightning bolts during a blowout.
Effects: Improved sense of self.
Alteration: ???

Appearance: Blue fungal growths that appear to have grown upon a mutant in the Zone.
Effects: Increased physical strength.
Alteration: Patches of bioluminescent, blue fungus.

Crystal Flower
Appearance: A delicate flower of crystal, violet in colour.
Effects: +2 AC
Alteration: A body part covered in a thin layer of crystal.

Appearance: A thin, rocky stalagmite with sharp tip.
Effects: Can be used to remove many common, attuned artefacts. One use only.
Alteration: N/A

Crystal Thorn
Appearance: A thin, crystalline stalagmite with sharp tip.
Effects: Can be used to remove any attuned artefact. One use only.
Alteration: N/A


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