Pathfinder is the name for those who traverse the Zone under warrant.

Such individuals typically work for a nobleman and are tasked with recovering Artefacts, cataloguing Anomalies and trying to find a path into the centre of the Zone. In theory, any two-bit nobleman may sign a Writ of Pathfinding and bestow it on an individual of their choice, theoretically granting them free access to the Zone, but in practice many of these documents are not worth the paper they are written upon.

Pathfinders tend to congregate within the Zone around the village of Rostok and village of Putrivka and, by and large, they are left to their own devices by the Lithuanian Army whilst they confine themselves to those areas. In the wilds however the difference between a Pathfinder and a Bandit might be almost non-existent and both are often attacked on sight. 

Not all Pathfinders have the same goals in mind. Some have been sent in for selfish profit, others for magical discovery and some still as privateers in all but name. Whilst there is a tacit agreement between Pathfinders that they would not attack one another, conflicts may still occur. 


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