Rostok, a small village before the First Disaster, is now the de facto meeting point for Pathfinders as well as individuals who hope to profit from them.

Located along  the far side of a hill from Chernobyl it remained comparatively free of magical contamination, unlike the majority of the Zone, and so is considered a place of relative safety.

Although there is no strict hierarchy amongst the Pathfinders, the man known as the Barkeep holds a place of privilege in the town. He acts as a fence for acquired Artefacts and in return can provide supplies to keep the Pathfinders well fed and well equipped.

People in Rostok

Barkeep – The proprietor of the Bucket and Wheel. Black market trader.

Amalia Damyanovich – Rescued from a bear.

Anzhela – Sought cover with her in the Garbage townhouse during a Blowout.

Anton, Borislava, Daniela – Survivors of Giant hunting expedition.


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